What is paintball?

Paintball is an exciting and entertaining sport where two opposing teams try to eliminate each other while attempting to complete various objectives. The two teams compete using paintball guns that are powered by pressured gas. The guns propel a safe, non-toxic, washable gelatin capsule filled with water based paint and mineral oil. Opponents are eliminated when they are marked by the paintballs. A team is victorious when they have successfully eliminated all opposing players or completed the main objective of the game (Capture the Flag, Elimination, Bomb the Base, etc.)

Is paintball safe?

Yes. Paintball is extremely safe as long as the safety rules are followed. According to insurance statistics paintball is safer than golf, bowling, and almost every other sport out there. An eye injury is the only way you can get seriously injured as a direct result of playing paintball. Eye injuries are easily prevented as long as everyone follows two basic safety rules at all times. If these two rules are followed, it is very unlikely for an injury to occur. The first rule is to have your goggles on anytime you are on or near the paintball field or target range. The second rule is to have your barrel cover on anytime you are not on the paintball field or target range.

Do paintballs hurt when you get hit?

There is a bit of a sting, similar to being snapped with a rubber band, or towel. However, we do our best to limit close range encounters and we insure a referee is on field at all times up holding the safety rules.

Who can play?

Anybody can play!  Paintball appeals to both genders and people of all ages.   Millionaire Paintball’s regular minimum age for players is 10 years of age.  However, we are able to offer 8 and 9 year olds the opportunity to play with similar aged peers such as during a birthday party.   Anyone under the age of eighteen must also have their legal guardian sign and date a RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM.

What to bring?

We can supply players with all the necessary protective equipment that will be needed. However, we do recommend that people wear old, dark clothing such as jeans or sweats, some good footwear.   Also wearing a toque or baseball hat is a good idea.  Not only does it protect your head but it makes the goggles and facemasks more comfortable.   We recommend bringing 20 to 30 dollars just in case you want some upgrades or more ammo.  Also, we have plenty of  drinks available.

Can you bring your own equipment and paintballs?

You can bring your own paintball gun, and you can also bring your other paintball equipment.  You must have goggles that are manufactured specifically for paintball and they must have a full face mask and ear protection.  The paintballs have to be purchased directly from Millionaire Paintball.

How many games are in a session?

Each of our sessions are 4 hours, and depending on your group size, players can play anywhere between 10 and 20 games per session.

How and when should you make a reservation?

Simply give us a call at (604) 551 8806 or send us an email and we can set you up with a time and date. We recommend that groups try to reserve 1-2 weeks in advance, however it can be done in less time depending on availability of space and equipment rental.

Is there a prepayment required for a reservation?

Yes, a full prepayment is required in order to confirm a reservation.

Can you drop in with a group without a reservation?

Yes.  We do however recommend calling ahead first to confirm that there is an opening available.   Rental equipment players are allowed to join any group with openings where as gear owners may not be allowed to play with most rental groups.  We also have walk on times available every Sunday where no reservation is required.

How many paintballs will I shoot?

Most players average 100 paintballs per hour.  Some players use less, while other players may be a little more trigger happy and use more paintballs.  Extra paintballs are available in various quantities.

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