5 Dollar Paintball Deal

When is this deal available?  Every Monday and Tuesday from

10 am to 3 pm

***$40 PAINTBALL DEAL – ENTRY, RENTAL AND 500 PAINTBALLS!!***  ($60 regular price)

The “5 Dollar Paintball Deal” rental and entry includes:

family paintball group photo
  • Entry to Millionaire Paintball Park.
  • One semi-automatic Tippmann C98 paintball marker.
  • One full face mask and thermal, fog-free goggle system.
  • One pressured air cylinder.
  • Unlimited air refills.
  • Play a minimum of 10 paintball games.

Check out our paintball pricing here.

Covid protocols must be adhered to.  Masks are mandatory as is 6 feet of social distancing. Reservations are required 1 day before hand during the weekdays.

Please contact us here to check availability, make a reservation, and take advantage of this paintball deal.

Follow us on our Facebook page located here.

Every player must fill out a waiver form before they can play.  Here is the link – Waiver Form

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